Leadership in the 21st Century: Meet the Best in the Game

This month it just so happens that all my recommended links have to do with the subject of leadership in the 21st Century. What will it take to tackle the management challenges of the future? What qualities do all the best managers possess? Each article gives a different answer, but on one point they all agree: What worked in the past may not necessarily work now, or in the future.


Three Qualities: What does it take to be an outstanding leader?

This month I came across another blog post on a TED Talk by Roselinde Torres. The lecture is not new, but it is no less current for that. Torres observed managers in their day-to-day work for 25 years and has identified three significant qualities that outstanding leaders possess:

  1. the capability to “think round the corner”: Good leaders don’t react to the future, they anticipate changes.
  2. the drive to build diverse networks: They are able to cooperate with people who are completely different to them, and to work towards a joint goal.
  3. the courage to let go of the status quo: They dare to go their own way and to enter into risks – despite what others may say.



Five Formulae for Success: What is behind the success of international women managers?

I am recommending the WiWo article (German business weekly) on “global female leaders conference” not because I want to add to the gender discourse, but because the article underlines fundamentally relevant leadership strengths. The notion that women can be great leaders and managers has long been proven. But I think women don’t lead better or worse than men, they simply possess different strengths overall – and very important ones. The article is all about these strengths and this is also important to me because: The “success formulae”, as WiWo online calls them, are not purely female qualities. Any male manager can take on board the ideas in the article – and, in my opinion, they should:

  1. Attentive comportment/appropriate self-regulation
  2. Optimistic management attitude
  3. Leverage strengths
  4. Development-oriented leadership
  5. Health-minded leadership


Ten Basic Principles: What will managers need to tackle the future?

This diagram is appealing and self-explanatory. I personally think that it summarizes extremely important – though maybe not all – qualities, but I wish to point out that these principles are not just for the future – managers need to practice them right now:

The quintessence:

1. Compassion: Lead on the employee’s level.
2. Vision: Open up to future issues.
3. Enthusiasm: Be a role model and a driver of ideas.


Do you recognize yourself in one of these descriptions? Or in all of them, even? Are there qualities which you think have not been featured enough in this article? Or are there some qualities mentioned here that you consider superfluous?



Photo Credit: Anthony Delanoix via Unsplash

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