A Change of Perspective: Effective Management Seen from the Employee’s Point of View

This time a summary of interesting reports on the subjects of leadership and New Work – from the point of view of the employees: A final speech in defense of hidden talents, a homage to a recently passed management guru, a thinker ahead of his time, and three leadership roles for every situation.


Hidden Champions – the heroes of the second row

We know them well: the alpha animals, asserting themselves in management positions, domineering and loud. In German finance weekly Handelsblatt Dagmar Hübner gets up to bat for those unsung heroes quietly beavering in the ranks – thank you, Dagmar! Because, often, there lies in these modest workers undiscovered potential, such as a wealth of ideas and far-sighted thinking. So, why do these quiet people so often go unnoticed? Because alpha animals would rather listen to each other and thus they fail to notice the immense potential of some of their most gifted workers and most promising talents.


Off-the-peg solution for leadership?

In an article in German business weekly WirtschaftsWoche the author describes three representative roles that every manager should be able to play. I am familiar with them from my time as a manager and I consider all three to be very important. But they won’t be enough to deliver success. I think a good extra addition could be the results from three McKinsey consultants, who investigated the question of whether there are explicitly female management roles. They defined in their model five different dimensions which have proven to be beneficial for successful managers – and not just women managers, either.


Goodbye to traditional management – and a visionary thinker ahead of his time

I would like to use this space as a tribute to Peter Kruse, who passed away unexpectedly this month and who was a visionary thinker ahead of his time in the area of change management. In an interview with CIO Online he interpreted several studies on the subject of leadership – from the point of view of employees – and that of managers. The result is exciting reflections in the mirror and one of the things they show: A change of view on collaborating with colleagues and superiors is in the offing.


Photo Credit: Nick Turner via Unsplash.

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