About Us

What makes a company successful? People are what make a company successful. Employees. Because they are the engine of the economy and the sustainable basis of our economic success. People who do the right thing.

This is our firm belief. As a provider of integrated company and workstation solutions, we believe in a management that places the employees at the center of entrepreneurial thinking and acting. This premise shapes the way our company operates and is our fundamental philosophy. We create a unique portfolio of software, content, further training, and consultancy, that contributes to one joint goal: an operating system for sustainable success in companies.

Our blog “Employees run companies” this mission will present a platform in the future for lateral thinkers, and alternative managers, visionaries and big-picture holders. Future scenarios, interesting insights, best practices and management tools to inspire and encourage people to copy them. Because if you don’t wander off the path sometimes, you’ll get left behind on the trail.

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