Power- Duo – why twin peaks are sometimes better

Leadership must be seen to be a separate competence area that requires specific qualities. So, what does it take to be a good manager?


The Leadership Management Model

If we take a look at company leadership in many large organizations when they were at their peak, we often find a team made up of a visionary leader with great specialist expertise and a manager with tremendous implementation throughput:


Unternehmen Leader Manager
Microsoft Bill Gates Steve Ballmer
Apple Steve Jobs Tim Cook
Google Sergey Brin, Lawrence Page Eric Schmidt
Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Sheryl Sandberg
SAP Hasso Plattner Dietmar Hopp
General Electric Thomas Edison William Gilmore, Charles Coffin


If we apply this model to the whole organization, the classic organizational chart and the typical way we delineate task areas are transformed. Of course, we can’t always appoint two people to the top position, but management can, for instance, be made up of one of several small teams.  For the leader, that may mean giving up HR responsibility, but also rediscovering old strengths – by doing what they do best.


So, who are you? Visionary leader or highly effective manager?

  Leader Manager
Team leader Leader and manager jointly lead the team.
Specialist experts mostly not necessarily
HR responsibility? no yes
In cases of conflict
  • prioritizes tasks
  • assigns budget
  • implements
  • manages time/deadlines
  • oversees budget
Relationship to employees consultant direct superior
Serves employees by:
  • solving specialist problems
  • providing support at work
  • contributing ideas and suggestions
  • inspiring with visionary capability
  • planning work
  • facilitating employees’ development in the company
  • managing required resources
  • defending against overload and unfairness
  • motivating workforce
Prior to taking on the position they were: specialist experts who loved solving problems to the exclusion of everything else administrators who set store by clearly defined processes and who made sure others did, too


Agile software developers are a good example of how this delineation of responsibility has been successful. The product owner is the specialist leader, the scrum master is the operational manager.


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