Talents for the greater good

“All of us are better at something than other people,“ claims author Kare Anderson, as she encourages her audience in this TEDTalk. She paints a picture of a better world, one where we bring together our greatest talents, share them with one another, and leverage them for the maximum good of society. She calls people who engage in this talent pooling opportunity makers, whose personal strengths, pooled together, can enable the collective to work towards a common goal.



Anderson’s idea for making the world a better place may seem utopian and futuristic, but big changes often spring from small shoots. In companies, for example. Because organizations also benefit to a huge extent if they select team members from a variety of diverse backgrounds and with a variety of skill sets. Fresh ideas, new perspectives and increased agility result. We shouldn’t be frightened of differences, differences should be the basis of new perspectives and should be acknowledged as such. This kind of constructive relationship built on trust between employees assures swift and flexible solutions in companies. Because every one of us uses her talents for the common good – and key to sustainable company success are People who do the Right Thing.


Do you believe that the future of work lies in bringing diversely talented people together? How do you handle different skill sets in your company? Are there are lot of heterogeneous characters in the company, or are your teams more homogenous?


Photo Credit: Todd Quackenbush via Unsplash


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