TEDx Talk Berlin: “Why stepping down means stepping up leadership”

On 3 November I held a TEDx Talk in Berlin entitled “Why stepping down means stepping up leadership.” I would now like to summarize the central theses of my presentation:


  1. Leaders who go back into the team are better leaders. Because learning from the successes and also mistakes of your successor is the best possible way of improving management skills.


  1. Leaders who go back into their teams are better mentors for their successors. And better mentors train better future leaders. They are familiar with the demands of the position and are experienced sparring partners.


  1. Stepping down from a management position needs to become routine. Stepping down should not mean losing face, social status or pride. We need a cultural change.


  1. We must all learn to lead. The world needs more good, modest and nurturing leaders. Only if we have such leaders will we be able to rise to the challenges that we face.


  1. Everyone leads differently. And differently doesn’t have to mean worse. There are many different management styles that can lead to good or even outstanding results. We must learn to appreciate this diversity.


Do you agree with my main theses or are there points you disagree with? Have I forgotten key aspects?


Photo Credit: John via Flickr/kaboompica via pixabay

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