TEDx Talk Zurich: “Work, Reimagined”

On 5 November I gave a TEDx Talk in Zurich entitled “Work, Reimagined.” For all those interested, here is a summary of my presentation:


  1. We are currently experiencing a great discrepancy between what is happening within organizations and what is happening around them. Whilst their environment is changing at breakneck speed, our organizational structures are the same as they were a century ago.


  1. Elected leaders are better leaders. They must regularly put themselves up for selection by their employees. For as a soon as a leader is elected, they can be sure that they have the backing of their employees and that everyone is pulling in the same direction.


  1. Participating in decision-making makes employees more satisfied. They feel that they are being taken seriously and can contribute ideas. Their commitment, motivation and loyalty to the company increase. As a result the agility and innovative power of the company improve too.


  1. Employees lead companies. They are closer to customers and markets and are better placed to determine what the next “big thing” will be. Leadership therefore also means handing over responsibility and having trust in employees – for they are the ones who make the leader the leader and the company successful.


  1. Managers are already being chosen every day in companies. Mostly this is happening in the shadows: employees decide how well they are doing their work or even vote “with their feet” – by resigning. But there is no such thing as the perfect boss. Leadership is constantly evolving. And part of this is knowing employees’ expectations of leadership.


  1. Employees want good, strong leaders. They would – given the choice – always opt for a manager who they find inspiring and can learn from.


  1. We learn hierarchies from an early age. So we struggle to deal with agile structures. We need a schedule that helps us evolve from command & control into an agile network: the employee-focused operating system.


Which of my theses do you concur with, which do you disagree with? Do you think key aspects haven’t been covered?


Photo Credit: Foundry via Pixabay.

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