TEDx talks: Ways out of the leadership trap


Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done.
(Peter Drucker)


Companies are stuck in the leadership trap: all around us things are changing at breakneck speed; in companies, however, we’re acting like we did a century ago – and in doing so hampering our employees and their ability to innovate.


Marc Stoffel, the democratically-appointed CEO of Haufe-umantis AG, is speaking on 6 November in Zurich on the topic “Work, Reimagined.” He will be explaining how work and management need to be rethought if companies are to successfully deal with the digital transformation and the challenges it poses.


And this also means rethinking our understanding of management. As a co-founder and the former CEO of Haufe-umantis AG, I will be speaking on 3 November in Berlin on the topic “Why stepping down means stepping up leadership.” I’ll be looking at what this decision has meant for me and the organization and how it feels to work under your successor.


Our viewpoints – those of the former CEO and his democratically-appointed successor – coincide seamlessly into our common corporate vision. Anyone who is interested but does not have tickets for the event can follow our talks live online.


We need lots more good leaders to coax the best performances from our employees, our companies and our economy. In what situations do you assume managerial responsibility – perhaps outside the office too? How do you spur on others to assume managerial responsibility?


Photo Credit: Henry Herkula via Flickr.

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